New to the area...looking for some advice

My husband and I are going to be moving to the Dresden area in the next month. We are both runners and cyclists and are looking for some advice. I am looking for a "runner friendly" family doctor and massage therapist in the area. Would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks!

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I don't know if anyone responded to your email, but here goes. Hope your move went well by the way. I would have recommended one of our members Dr Jeff Williams for your family doc as he is a runner etc, but he just moved out of town two weeks ago. I can tell you his group Primecare SEO is one of the better groups of doctors in the area. As far as massage therapists, one of the better ones would be Kelli Wahl. Here is a link to her LinkedIn site:

All the best!

Pat Pugh

Thanks, Pat for the response. I tried to contact Dr. Williams only to find out he was no longer at Primecare SEO. I didn't know if he had left the area or just the practice, so I appreciate your answer. Primecare isn't taking any new patients at this time due to the load left by Dr. Williams leaving. However, I have found a doctor thru another contact that I have made. Also found a great massage therapist. Hope to meet you and other Team Godspeed members at future events once we are settled. Our time is now divided between our new and old home. Thanks again.


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