I would love to get several teams together for next May's Flying Pig Relay Marathon. Please express your interest -- wouldn't it be GREAT to make this a team-building experience!!

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I would run a leg of it.
awesome -- can't wait!

Tim Rucker said:
I would run a leg of it.
Flying Pig Rally Runs!!! :)
Sounds like a great time! Pencil me in!
Count me in...
I'll be ready to go, just fill me in
this is soooo exciting to get this many responses!! i think we can have at least 2 teams!
It really is exciting. I can't wait...
Are you planning on having a meeting about this race or training sessions?
Tim Rucker is getting together a training plan for us -- We will need to meet soon to discuss the marathon. I am very excited about the number of responses! I will send out an email this week to verify a time/date to meet.
We are meeting to discuss Team Godspeed races and the Flying Pig Relay marathon on Sunday, January 10 at 7pm at Dr. William's office on Ashland Ave.
If you have your teams organized, you should go ahead and register -- the team cost is $260 until April 5th, and then it goes to $300

If you do not have a team, please let me know and I will help get people together.


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